World’s End

In these lines summarize some new readings until the end of 2012. Scribble some sketches of what has been bringing to the consciousness as a deja vu and or what was or could be in matrix, a matrix, certainly very different from the repulsive the Matrix with brains connected to a reality simulator software, a logical or metaphysical marry uterus where it is and what is observed.

How would the Matrix? What can then be hovering nectar to tip this time?

The first question asks about the immutable Being. The sea which can be reached by following the course of river to its ultimate conclusions we have come to know, sensing, especially sensing along the entire integration page, the dimensionless, timeless and spaceless essence of Being, however, can produce a sense of development or speech of any phenomenon.

Among the sketches that I will bring to the text, sketches and abstract mental thoughts of what is hard to see, collective cartoons that have appeared are funny and terrifying, is no longer smell a musty aroma medieval, apocalyptic neurosis, that few are account are the chills from a fever rate, which is the unconscious claim of a mass grounded, a planet harassed and undermined by suicidal ambition that misses.

Life appears as a joke, as an unexpected surprise, as the yawn of boredom, as the arrow never fired. It’s been so many things and nothing has happened.

Supporters of doomsday, fearing that they hold the mantle of any saint, the alienated, they are of everyone, but there will always be people shaken to its foundations, he believes that or hear that music, that mandate that appeal, that silence … that echoes in your pain, in his misery, he shoots from the inside, as whip remorse … But is it true? These parades unhappy sinners who feel that simply need to be guilty or seekers directly responsible, myopic judges in a domino effect, that only fools executioners judging reach the last record.

Religions harvested in these times of ignorance and superstition, fat, brimming see their piggy banks. The media brutalize the people, leave permeable to lie. We live in times of fear, allowed myths, amulets, urban legends of television.

I venture, however, to contrast faiths. Thus, more faithful than another believer in the world, a God who does not crumble at the first gust of wind, one that has a golden Vatican nor watering with the blood of American natural running in flashes on the Holy See or deep organ chords of the cathedral … but has, instead, full consistency, saves the typical drawbacks limit floods and heart, love, absolutely right.

Today we contemplate the maturity of a capitalism in crisis, a monster that begins to fagocitarse flagellation. The sickly cannibalism that characterizes the western system becomes, at some point, against himself.

We have used the example of the rich pulling trash in the courtyard of the poor. As the rich and his family produce a lot of waste, it is very likely that soon his neighbors have disappeared under mountains of garbage from the consumer’s home. But at the end, so that the garbage will attract pests and vermin, which also pollute with their putrid odors, and toxic decomposition, the home of the wealthy family.

This conclusion is logical when one understands that everything is connected and that the damage it brings to one another affects everyone.

Who are those who do not understand?

Those who believe are independent, self-employed, own and a thousand more absurdities, which parcel out the world, those who invent the game of economics and guide the stages of the firing squad. An execution that is performed over and over again on the humble humanity of Juan Pueblo.

Also to people with intellectual throws trash system, with the worst lie with the crude hoax. Cultural temperature is poor, the ideas are frozen by the windows. People worshiping to a good “cast” of contactees evicted people, lost, forsaken of God, between the vortex of false preaching, railings that do not support the spirit, unhappy absurd whim drags weak as the leaves dry the Gale.

Supporters doomsday make noise after collective head washed. This is another of many failed expect “End of the World”, which has left its hole of frustration in the set. The supposed Mayan prophecy and misinterpreted, the alignment of celestial bodies, the inversion of the magnetic poles of the planet, the solar storm with the flash of gamma rays, the final judgment and all that variety of fantasies that are predicted for 21 December of this dreaded 2012, has been laid bare: It was a silly, superfluous vision, pathetic immaturity unfortunate reality that manifests the lack of depth in our time.

The end of the world is an obsolete concept. First because it is heavily associated with the predictions of some biblical prophetic books such as Daniel, Isaiah, Revelation, the New Testament, etc.. Moreover ignores the obvious truth in opposition to the transformation of the end: “Nothing is lost everything is transformed” … It’s the principle of conservation that affects both the mass and energy.

The atman findelmundistas not even thinking about the impossibility of beginning and end, in the physical and metaphysical difficulties regarding the possibility of “nothing”, fans just externalize and internalize the need for change so misrepresented on obsession.

Here you can see them kneeling, without knowing statistical between disoriented entrenched ego, this time the worst ego, the ego is supposed mystical already saved. Envestidos with great passion of messianism, a syndrome, today, too repetitive, leaders and groups raise their eyes to heaven in search of miracles. They may not have known, seeing God in the permanent presence of all, but only where they say they are, separate from making others, a particular God that elected and appointed them survive in their obsession highlight , have a special mission, a desire on the resignation playing with will power.


In a context of general disorder overlook the aberrations of the system and rife these interpretive essays. In a world that does not care to answer the essential questions that indoctrinates its youth competition before the cooperative, where war and murder recreate the senses through the screens and are played in real life; a world of other people no guarantees to the living. Freedom of religion protects and supports the discrepancy ignorance and lack of control, keep dividing people according to the supposed freedom.

The only coincidence and consensus allowed in this environment is to respect the rules and the tacit acceptance of the system of life that we suffer.

Business groups continue to believe they are “clever” competing for the riches of the world and destroying millions who make up the fabric of the Pachamama inseparable. But they do not progress either, privileged shatter the world, the future of their children, the community in which they are embedded.

If through a channel like this message to reach the ears of a Piñera, of Carlos Slim, Bill Gates … one of Ortega, to give up a couple of million to this cause, you pull out a hair cat his fortune and become known as Patron of this idea, which contributes to integrationism to disclose their bases and sanitation of our society …

Million was spent on preparations for this end of the world, millions in infrastructure temples and churches unreasonably they lose, they have killed billions in wars between those who worship the prophet round, slanted eyes, beard and turban only beard, etc..

It is time to bring the bulk of the people, to work in coordination as a brain in a coherent mission. We can now get your head out of the bag to take action on the matter and say: Behold a new world.

Come on, stop entangled with the reflections of life, human origins should not be looking in outer space, or the traces of time. Being one keeps bubbling the apparent multiplication, inflated in thought.

Let’s simplify the apparent chaos in love and logic uniqueness of a whole without beginning or end, potentially filled a void impossible parties to the sensory perception of a single dimensionless Ser.

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Trabajo en mi pasión, la búsqueda de soluciones y de respuestas. Cuando estas preocupaciones son profundas. Las llamamos metafísica. Cuando hay que inventar una solución práctica, me gusta la ciencia
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