Manual integration

Something that everyone has the right to know is how to find a balance between satisfaction and we must respect their obligations to the rest of the group.
The reader will already know much of the moral rules or standards more or less authority, but nothing beats having the ability to draw on an analysis of the land itself and prior arrangement. This though leads us to ask what level of objectivity must be managed at any trial, we’ll leave for another time because it is not intended in this brief text, to address this issue but rather just give some hints of what might be called “form of life of a free spirit. ”
Learn to appreciate what you have accomplished and the favorable position in which you are, all that, without suppressing your critical skills.
It appeared to trust your skills and invisible, because in fact there is someone who lacks them.
Although the widespread opinion that marches to the beat of the emptiness of values​​, the effects without substance, junk food, etc.. remember that you have substantial value, such as culture, the wisdom and wit, not purchased in any store. These are values ​​that survive the fall of a civilization and even today not you produce large amount of money is an undeniable richness in you, sorcerer’s apprentice.
That and a real value that is subject to an intrinsic one Being, since you’re all like, the only Being.
It is then possible to measure the wealth that stirs in your forgetfulness, and can not even tell what you are capable of.
Even when the complication and crisis, sometimes leading to major changes occur, it is also true that potential drivers of history have been stranded and succumbed a little bump to find them at a bad time.
If you feel there is a threat that you lose sleep, think of resolving the wisest way, without triggering another major problem. Solving the gap that is there before our eyes is the first step to the “professionalization” of ourselves, in the domain that the integrationist school teaches, the tranquility of the wide and panoramic view and deep reflection from the fundamentals.
Usually we are used to listen to ourselves and not follow the plot of the story or the logic of the party, that’s a big mistake that makes communication and dialogue degenerates into disconnected monologues. Nothing to think from the perspective of another for it to feel “understood” and to effectively understand. When dialogue is conceived it is known that it is an approximation of what they represent two different beings.
But after studying the unconscious, the hereditary material and social conditioning, the individualist model suffers a major shock that leaves him out certainly among the models to consider. Nothing is around you you own or alien and somehow feels itself and at other times in the depths of radical nihilism, feels distant to the almost total ignorance of other things.
But from the smart and prudent stance that “lurks” a knowing, jump to what “seems to be the situation of the other” yields good fruit in every way. First, because the owner made ​​the cause of the other for a moment, the passion and often rude selfish escapes the primary reaction. Second, because an internalization, in the position of the other, will assess how our partner thinks, even a circumstantial adversary to know what goes through your mind is always an advantage, if only an approximation of what you think already be operating there for some kind of knowledge.

One form of exercise, on the one hand the avoidance of “I” small, limited, locked in his routine, and on the other the practice of Gigante “YO” universal, able to hide itself, is in practice for daily experience.
This will be done through attention, analysis, proposals that involve physical exercises, breathing, management of dreams and dreams, meditation techniques for widening of conscious freedom, good work and good thinking.
It may stimulate artistic, poetic, musical vein … start talking with other signs, try the thrill of adrenaline, alternate states of consciousness testify elastic awareness.
They are recommended extensive proposals at all times such as “I’ll ambidextrous” or “be mindful of when I fall asleep,” give a type of extra-knowledge that allows more traffic and can contribute to the continued stream of consciousness from one level deep.
Feelings, emotions, pain, temperature, desire, longing, fear, joy … moods, there is always a thread that binds all these pieces of human life. Dancen consistent and integrate them what you know and if you’ve forgotten the way in that area where you are the big “I” or the NO-YO.
Feel the difference of being a comprehensive agent order. Find the reason for the malfunction, what he really failed there. Start fixing things as you can from the breaks in your house. Scan with height, the problems around you knowing that the pressure comes up and you need to apply emergency measures.
Always, even if you have to use much more wit, is some form of “die trying”, but even if you are able to find quick and necessary solutions, you must be working together with others, in the global change, Total .
An integration is in itself be a teacher, a teacher who self-educate from a base in latest questions and applicability to immediate appearances of the world we call the real world.
Learn not to seek immediate guilty and remember that no one is to blame for everything he is. Much better to take a more panoramic look dispassionately, we probably show where the arrow is fired, perhaps there is information that you should take the steps below.
The holistic view is not limited to discrete and partial emergence of the phenomenon. If a roof is broken after this break there is more and more an independent phenomenon could be that they were all events upcoming and past history involved there.



Trabajo en mi pasión, la búsqueda de soluciones y de respuestas. Cuando estas preocupaciones son profundas. Las llamamos metafísica. Cuando hay que inventar una solución práctica, me gusta la ciencia
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