Another World War

Another World War

We are experiencing critical moments and, like it or not, the conflict involves us all by the general nature of this problem located geographically in Syria, Israel, Mediterranean Sea, Iraq may have global impacts due to the characteristics of the problem whose root is the cruel war for power and resources. It is a matter of nations, even companies, governments such as the USA. UU. Governments are defined as defenders of big business are where they are, businesses and the enterprise of war. Recall that the business models are backed military models in their methodology, psychology and ways to deal with competition. Not astonish anyone discover the fusion of the capitalist system with the interests of business and where company commanders and war coexist, to maintain, in ignorance of a fantasy of democratic governments, a destructive tyranny fortunately removed before humanity its own reality, fagocitándose, mutilating themselves because “fittest” does not exist, is an erratic reading, which succeeds in not knowing what’s always best system and of course “everyone”.
Surrounded by envious enemies, the Syrian jewel, a strong nation, is hacked by the sudden expansion of a rebel group, the overnight is an army of mercenaries paid by the U.S. insufficient and these U.S. allies, not the people, their millionaire fascist government, as it is this individual who walks agreeing and promoting war with excuses that we all consider “ridiculous”, creating pockets of rebels where had not increasing forces soldiers paid, skilled in guerrilla and, before all this, creating a scenario to serve as excuse to bypass the UN resolutions seriously neglecting, as in the case of war against Iraq, the international consensus.
How many children have died in Iraq, during and after they were destroyed by the multinational forces (USA., And their allies), then when they took power, how poverty has grown, many no longer have expectations that death? This not only happened in Iraq, also in Libya, where Gaddafi murdered and put a puppet government in place, obviously aligned in U.S. economic policy. States, which is not contemplated in Syria. We are witnessing a planned agenda and used on other sites and repetitive actions such as cloned once we got the result again become employed and treated in the same way actions.
Turkey, Syria’s neighbor and enemy, he is trapped on one side. The Turks believe that Syria is Turkish while the Syrians think exactly the opposite, which is Syria and Turkey, since the separation of these territories formerly united in large empires like the Ottoman Empire, Persian, or even before, the Babylonian. Around the edge bordering Iraq has the danger close, and now that’s American soil. For Turkey and then Iraq could have routes to supply the 70,000 rebels who are already taking control and end up killing Assad.
Facing the Mediterranean Sea, in Syrian territory, the Russian naval base, which now seems alien to the problem is, but it has some relevance in this whole affair, Putin apparently will not tolerate an attack on his country’s ally in the Middle East, although has had talks with Obama that might suggest a pact between them, which does not seem possible, because without Russia would make things too easy future invaders. Neither Germany, China, and the countries of the UN have approved Obama plans to attack Syria under the guise of civilian deaths with chemical weapons that killed nearly 1,400 people poisoned with nerve gas; Obama said the Syrian government was but there were suspicions that the rebels themselves who used such weapons to accelerate the intervention of the United States. This speech is already trite, but even interested in wasting time on new tricks; this is a blatant imperialism.
I wonder if they provide proof of the accusations Assad or leave everything in water to nothing as the WMD Saddam Khusein.
I also wonder since when they think of Syrian children, since when he defends democracy those guys CIA race, which as Kisinnger never thought about the lives of children, let alone the poor, responsible for the dictatorships in Latin America where are still gathering orphans and disappeared among the rocks looking.
On the other hand we see that religion is, in many of these Muslim countries, demanding and even macho, exudes an old time religious communities, followers of the Koran at the foot of the letter, the Orthodox Churches, in the same way that in Jewish communities, again that would be terrible; imagine that this religious fervor contaminate others, would be very harmful. So I think we would have to vent air from the Muslim world, encouraging a cultural revolution, with education, with peace, but never with war and less do all this drill to snatch, the Arab country, its currency, its oil, energy, his life.
What provides the company negotiated the war there? The interests of the oil? What will win the construction company in the “reconstruction” of Syria, Damascus a bombed and sunk?
Head first manifestations of human intelligence, the emergence of the first civilizations in Sumer, all these territories, which is now Iraq, Syria, Turkey, were the cradle of the primitive forms of states.
On the other hand Syria is also a world museum, if bombed, would like another fire at the Library of Alexandria.
So there may be very harsh reactions. There may be military intervention for Syria and to expel these fake rebels, coming mercenaries “God knows where” paid by the enemies of the personality of the Syrian government, able to say no, the world system and not betray the ideals of Pan-Arabism, a thought which pursues this part of the world to unite, forming a very strong block initiatives that U.S. intelligence were disabling and frustrating, delaying and hindering, as the mere sight of united the Arab world gives you a headache the leaders of the Western bloc.
The continued injustices born inequality, historical and pathological messianism of each other, desperate actions that produce the precipitous decline of capitalism, the delicate context of the Middle East, may well be the weather a Third War needed to detonate our reality .
Syria, may not just you disappear, Syria may desparezcamos all.
I have not finished yet. regards



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